Vote No On Amendment 1

Amending the Apportionment and Redistricting Process

Amendment 1 would give “constitutional protection to count immigrants in the country illegally as residents when drawing new election districts,” according to Newsday. Enshrining a provision in the state Constitution to include undocumented immigrants in district counts would permanently give urban areas more representation than rural areas that are already feeling marginalized.

Amendment 1 would also gut the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission, which was broadly approved by voters in 2014, thus allowing a return to more partisan gerrymandering. By eliminating the Independent Redistricting Commission, the party in power will have carte blanche to redraw state district maps in a way designed to maintain and increase their majorities. This measure is so nakedly partisan that it’s opposed even by several liberal government-watchdog groups, most notably the League of Women Voters.

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